Ab: Latin; meaning: from

SOUL: meaning: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life; a person's total self

ut (supra): Latin; meaning: as above

e: Earth

AbSOULute Health: promoting healing from the Soul level through the Source ~ On Earth as it is in Heaven


Reiki"Receiving Reiki on a weekly basis from Shellee has helped me perform better at my job and has helped prevent my job from interfering with my personal life. All of my clients have been severely traumatized. Research has shown the adverse effects of working with traumatized clients on the therapist/caregiver. Many days I leave work feeling stressed, overwhelmed or have what I call a heavy heart. Reiki helps me stay balanced and grounded. After a session I feel relaxed, less overwhelmed and the heavy heart is gone. Reiki enables me to be a better therapist by relieving the symptoms of my work. I feel every caregiver or human service worker should receive Reiki as a way of maintaining mental and physical health."

~Chris M., M.S., LMHC, Dept. of Veterans Affairs

"I wish Shellee could experience how powerful her treatments are ~ both Reiki and Massage ~ amazing hands, incredible energy!"

~ Harry L.

"The energy coming from Shellee's hands is so warm and powerful. I was easily transported to another place where I could actually visualize my body being repaired. I injured my knee and had pain for several months. It became a little better without treatment, but 100% pain free after getting a Reiki treatment."

~ Christine C.

"Bursitis in my right shoulder persisted for several months and caused significant pain. After treatment by 4 doctors which included cortisone injection, 3 anti-inflammatories and heat treatments, the pain persisted prompting me to seek relief through Reiki. My initial treatment produced only moderate results and left me feeling skeptical. By my third treatment, however, the pain was gone. I was so impressed that I not only continue with treatments, but have also gone on to become a Reiki II practitioner."

~ David F., M.Ed. Counseling Psychology

"Hands of an Angel!"

~ Tamara N.

"I am 83 years old and have been receiving Reiki from Shellee for years. It helps me mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Also, I believe Reiki assisted in the healing of my prostate cancer."

~ H. James B., Retired Engineer

"Shellee is everything a massage therapist could ever want to be... best massage I ever had!"

~ Veronica C., CMT

Massage"For years I've had a lot of pain. I've tried many different ways to help rid myself of the pain - massage therapy, chiropractic treatments and acupuncture. They have helped some but nothing compared to the myofascial treatment from Shellee! It's made me feel lighter, more relaxed and I have been sleeping better as a result. Shellee has taught me that I'm worthy of good health and happiness. I'm grateful and looking forward to continuing treatments."

~ Karen B., Certified Massage Therapist (CMT)

"Since I've known Shellee, she has proven to be conscientious, hospitable, knowledgeable, and gentle. A truly good person promoting the best from me and for me through the healing art of Reiki. The overall peace and balance I sense now from this gentle and noninvasive modality has strengthened my mind, body and spirit. I am encouraged that the future in medicine will not be able to deny the far-reaching benefits that Reiki has to offer for everyone."

~ Daryl B., R.N. - Whole Body Health

"Shellee Rae teaches with a quiet strength and a compassion that lets her love and expertise of Reiki shine."

~ Rose Z., Ph.D.

Words from some of Shellee's clients and students...

"...a truly enjoyable experience..."

"...spiritual and profound..."

"...well taught...took an esoteric experience and conveyed it fully and simply..."


"...gentle and loving..."



"...calm and relaxed..."

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