Ab: Latin; meaning: from

SOUL: meaning: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life; a person's total self

ut (supra): Latin; meaning: as above

e: Earth

AbSOULute Health: promoting healing from the Soul level through the Source ~ On Earth as it is in Heaven




Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

Saturday, February 6th
10 am - 4:30 pm

at Private Home in Ashland
Call 541-482-2211 for details

Book Signing

Friday, February 12th
7:30 - 9pm

at Open Secret
923 C St.
San Rafael, CA

Book Signing

Saturday, February 20th
3 - 5 pm

at The Present Moment Cafe
224 W. King St.
St. Augustine, FL

Book Signing and Workshop*

Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

Book Signing
Friday, February 26th

7 - 9pm
Saturday, February 27th

10am - 5pm

at Transformations
2301 Evesham Road, Suite 109
Voorhees, NJ


Book Signing

Friday, March 5th
6:30 - 8 pm

at Generations Healing Center
250 Main St.
Oxford, MA


Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

Saturday, March 13
10am - 5:30pm
at Private Home in Gloucester, MA
Call 541-482-2211 for details



Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

Saturday, April 17
10am - 6pm
at Private Home in Ashland, OR
Call 541-482-2211 for details


Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

Sunday, April 25
10am - 6pm
at location TBA in Berkeley, CA
Call 541-482-2211 for details

"The Breaking Through workshop helped me gain a clear understanding of what was holding me back and how to move beyond it. Shellee created a safe and loving atmosphere for us to explore our deepest selves and transform the most difficult parts of awakening into something beautiful."

~ Audrey R.

"Shellee's workshop was insightful, heartfelt, fun, and transformational. She really knows how to make everyone feel safe and comfortable, which makes it easy for all to share and release energy. She walks the talk. With personal examples from her own life, she truly makes it apparent that she has gone through every door that she is now helping everyone else go through. The atmosphere of the workshop is such that everyone shares and participates in the exercises to further enhance their deepening heart connection."

~ Britt M.

"…the workshop (Breaking Through) was thoughtfully planned, beautifully led, and provided for significant shifts to take place. I am truly blessed and grateful to have had the experience and I look forward to other opportunities to work with you [Shellee] in the future. "

~ Carolyn H.

"Shellee's workshop, Breaking Through, is a loving, powerful event that helped me connect with key heart spaces within. The workshop left me with a series of simple, powerful tools to continue the work on my own for understanding my current reality and for creating what I want."

~ Greg G.

"My experience at Shellee's workshop was wonderful! I found myself feeling very comfortable and safe to express my thoughts, and continue feeling the emotions present in the moment. I’m so grateful for the experience and the opportunity to be in the Breaking Through workshop. I would choose to take part in Shellee’s groups again. I look forward to another gathering and feel confident in my support of AbSOULute Health and Shellee Rae."

~ Jannette K.

"The experience at the workshop touched me in a place that really needed touching. The way Shellee put together the event, her sharings and the participation among attendees was great. I particularly loved the dyads. I was able to allow myself to not know how to do something, yet in feeling safe, I ventured into new territory and was pleasantly surprised. What I heard and experienced was deep and precious.

"Shellee has a gift. I see her resolve in living what she teaches. It’s beautiful for me to see her expressing her heart’s passion and giving joyously of herself. She includes the spiritual, and also includes the humanness - allowing this heart’s desire to serve and to enjoy life to become a reality - the possibility to live what I know is true. Thank you again. I encourage you who may be reading this to attend a gathering that can help you discover yourself in new ways and explore more deeply the core of your being. Being the unique fragrance that you are. "

~ Mitchell C..

*5-Hour Workshop:

Breaking Through ~ Uncovering Ways to a Sane and Sacred Life

  • How do I create my reality
  • Discovering and dissolving old programming and limiting beliefs
    • Feeling my truth
    • Following heart
    • Finding purpose
  • What creates suffering - how to move beyond that
    • Acceptance in action
    • Resistance and flow
    • Gratitude and forgiveness - magical elixirs
  • Lifestyle vs. practice
  • Seeing and being seen

We work together, play together and open together, while discovering the unconscious realm that keeps us stuck in old patterns.

Join us in this exhilarating, organic and life opening process.


Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening

Shellee's new book, Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening

a powerful book of hope and liberation by Shellee Rae

The subtitle of Shellee Rae's deceptively short, plain-talking memoir gives a vroom! that hints at the horsepower under its storytelling hood:

Dissolving the Pain of Incest, Abuse, Addiction and Depression

That's quite a claim. To find out how it actually happened for her, you've got to read this astounding little book. 

Published just this May, Shellee's book already is developing a life of its own. The glowing, grateful reviews on Amazon.com keep multiplying -- including one from her own mother, whose troubles are part of the true, unflinching story.

I'd like to see this book go as far as it can in the world -- lifting great numbers of suffering people into true hope and real willingness to heal, grow, and maybe even awaken.

Brava, Shellee Rae! Congratulations, and may this book enjoy amazing success and open the hearts and change the lives of countless grateful readers!  
~ Saniel Bonder, founder Waking Down in Mutuality, author Healing the Spirit Matter Split, and Great Relief

This now world-wide and inspiring little book is for anyone who has longed for more in their life, has been (or is) lost to their purpose, struggled on different spiritual paths or experienced suffering, abuse or addiction at any level.

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