Ab: Latin; meaning: from

SOUL: meaning: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life; a person's total self

ut (supra): Latin; meaning: as above

e: Earth

AbSOULute Health: promoting healing from the Soul level through the Source ~ On Earth as it is in Heaven

How to Contact Shellee at AbSOULute Health

Shellee Rae

Shellee Rae
Ashland, OR 97520


Email: info@shelleerae.com

Shellee Rae, a holistic practitioner since 1999, shares her open loving heart with clients through Reiki, Massage, Nutritional guidance, and Spiritual counseling.

Following many spiritual paths since 1986, in August of 2008 Shellee had a sustainable full embodied Awakening and now also assists people in their awakening process.

Her book, released in May, 2009 has recently gone world-wide. Her story is inspiring hope and deeply touching the hearts of those who read it.

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