I write spoken word poetry, songs, screenplays, short stories and erotica.  The pieces that I create seek to inspire and uplift people to embrace a broader, freer, more joy-filled reality.

As a writer, I seek to broaden people's perspectives to the vibrant, enriching diversity available for our evolution on planet Earth. 

Poems from Oaxaca
Winter 2008

Bliss, Rapture, Contentment
the continuous ebb and flow
of the ocean
startling, distinct
the vivid colors of Oaxaca 
each particle submerged
within itself
like a moment inbetween time
a figment of wonder
stirring a deep presence only
felt in the tropics
this solitude, this peace,
is like a glimpse into
the soul of the earth


I would like to think in poetry,
ecstatic motion, evocative sound
so that I might tame the
mighty beast within my head
the unquieted force
whose ramblings evoke such confusion,
such isolation,
such alienation from
the present moment


We are all wells of gratitude
deep, plentiful, pure
connected to the
infinite source of all
if only we would drink
more often,
replenish ourselves
with the kinetic wisdom
of the cosmos within~
For what is it to live
without gratitude?
We all know~
bitterness, lies, resentment
stagnate within our cellular core
we forget the very essence of being
noticing only the imperfections,
the shadows, the fleeting illusions
of the past refracted
upon the future
Mirages contaminate our
creative intellect
projections pierce our veil
of connection
delusions drive us away
from those who will love us unconditionally
Lust, desire, greed, rage, dominate our freedom.
Is this not hell?
Eating without being nourished
Taking without giving
breathing without living
Looking without seeing
the beauty within all things.

Oil Lamp with Flame:  Stands for Writing, Escritoria, Submergence. A symbol of divinity shining upon us as we work. The lamp is in forms outside our present sphere of work.

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