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Now, today, I shall
sing beautifully for
my friends' pleasure

                 -- Sappho

Performance Art Mission Statement

I am an interactive educational performance artist.  I write, produce, act, dance, play music and deliver projects that stimulates the right and left brain and engage all the senses. Integrating media from a variety of cultures, eras, and genres, I uplift, educate, heal, motivate creativity, support multi-cultural celebration and inspire people to act on their life missions.  These performances broaden people's perspectives by encouraging acts of tolerance, non-violent communication, democratic activism, personal healing, service learning and self- directed education.

Tibetan Bell:    Ghanta is the bell used in ritual puja, which engages all senses, including hearing. Its ringing summons the Gods, stimulates the inner ear, and reminds us that, like sound, the world may be perceived but not possessed.

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