I dance, I feel, I dream, I sing, I write, I create, I flow, I drum, I watch, I listen, I learn, I enhance, I grow, I engage, I begin, I speak, I move, I breathe, I give, I play, I stretch, I heal, I explore, I work, I share, I complete, I teach, I empower, I serve, I am grateful, Therefore I am~

I am an edutainer, an artist, a writer, an activist and a healer.  Through creative service to my society I transform, illuminate and empower.  Utilizing my skills, I endeavor to participate in creating a more sustainable vibrant environment for all of earth's many inhabitants.

Two Hands in Front of Solar Plexus Stands for Mission, Values, Ethics, Intentions. Two hands held in the dharmachakra (the thumb and index finger of both hands touching at their tips to form a circle) which represents turning the Wheel of Dharma, or in metaphysical terms, the union of method and wisdom.

 Email: rosestrella@gmail.com